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The Future is Now!

Step into a realm of limitless possibilities with the Noctuai Partner Program! As a trailblazing platform, we invite you to embark on a journey transcending conventional technology distribution’s boundaries. Dive into computer vision, where every pixel holds the promise of transformation, and join us in shaping the future. Our program is designed to empower integration partners to seamlessly distribute cutting-edge computer vision software, fostering innovation across industries and bringing the end into the present.
Join hands with us today to redefine the way the world sees technology!

Unleash Your Potential Through Partnership!

Expand Your Arsenal

Enhance your offerings effortlessly with state-of-the-art computer vision IoT sensors, elevating your portfolio to captivate today's tech-driven market.

Unlock Exclusive Frontiers

Break new ground with specially tailored conditions for ambitious, large-scale projects and groundbreaking innovations. Embrace opportunities that truly set you apart.

Expert Guidance

Gain unparalleled support from a seasoned team of computer vision specialists boasting a decade of IT expertise. Propel your projects forward with confidence.

Innovate Collaboratively

Co-create unique, customized solutions with a flexible business model. Unleash the potential of OEM and ODM options to shape the future of technology.

Seamless Reselling

Open doors to a new revenue stream by reselling our range of standard apps. Embrace a realm of transparent, equitable, and attractive commercial rules that redefine the partnership landscape.

Simplify Testing

Access demo apps effortlessly within a cloud environment, streamlining your Proof of Concept process and propelling your vision to reality.

Empowering Trials

Secure trial licenses that empower you to showcase presentations and PoCs using your proprietary hardware. Elevate your demonstrations with hands-on experience.

A Resilient Foundation of Tomorrow's Alliances

Seamless Integration: Our cutting-edge, flexible platform effortlessly harmonizes with any IT solutions (details here), supercharging your partnerships through the freedom of selecting hardware.

Linux-Docker Synergy: Backed by our rich experience, we’ve embraced the Linux-Docker convergence that’s gaining rapid traction in IoT. Open-source and robust Linux offers a reliable, customizable base with fortified security features. Docker complements it by streamlining application containerization, ensuring consistent performance.

Precision Perfected: Our core thrives on AI-crafted computer vision pipelines, expertly designed, trained, and tested. Bolstered by precisely chosen datasets, these pipelines redefine accuracy in the field. Synthetic data generation (explore details here) further empowers our precision, setting our solutions apart.

Join our Partner Program

A partnership that transcends boundaries and propels your potential towards a limitless horizon. Your journey towards innovation begins here!

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