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VisionAI in Industrial Zones

Safety - a key issue in industrial zones

Industrial environments have traditionally been considered places where safety issues should be prioritized due to their inherently hazardous nature. Construction, mining, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, and logistics are at higher risk of occupational accidents. Hence, monitoring and mitigating hazards in such places is crucial to human life protection, injury and illness prevention, legal compliance, enhanced productivity, and cost reductions.

CCTV systems, often already used for security purposes and supplemented by AI, can ensure safety today by automatically monitoring people and events in industrial zones to detect threats quickly. That allows us to react quickly, a crucial aspect of creating a safe workplace.

Solutions for immediate impact

Our computer vision applications can continuously monitor people and ensure their safety by monitoring personal protective equipment, receiving real-time man-down alerts, or watching the appearance of fire and smoke to identify the threat as soon as possible.

VisionAI implementation made easy

Our solutions are software applications that can be used on various hardware infrastructures to allow the use of your current IT/CCTV infrastructure or cloud. Integration via the IoT protocols requires minimal network bandwidth.

Let's Innovate Together - Introduce New Apps with Us!

Join forces to bring cutting-edge apps tailored to your precise video analytics needs. Our collaborative approach embraces flexible business models that adapt to your requirements—experience cost-effective implementation on our platform, supercharged by synthetic data for rapid delivery.

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