Noctuai AI Cam

AI Vision platform extending the capabilities of any camera

Transform Video Insights with Noctuai AI Cam

Our cutting-edge solution harnesses the power of AI to transform video into a valuable source of information. Noctuai AI Cam enriches video streams with detailed metadata, providing insights into observed phenomena, objects, and behaviors. This enhanced data empowers you to proactively respond, mitigate risks, and acquire valuable knowledge through video surveillance. Access analytics results seamlessly via our intuitive web application, API, or integration with Video Management Systems, unlocking a world of possibilities.

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Your Ultimate Analytics Solution

Versatile Functionality: Operates seamlessly on edge devices, in the cloud, or on-premises, giving you flexibility like never before.

Universal Compatibility: Supports multiple video streams from any source, empowering you to leverage your existing camera infrastructure.

Multi-Analytics Ready: Designed to handle concurrent analytics tasks, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Tailored Hardware Control: As a customizable software package, it empowers you to choose your hardware, ensuring a uniform and optimized network environment.

Optimizing Diverse Client Environments

Masterful AI Engineering: Our solution’s foundation lies in the expertise of our dedicated team of ML computer vision engineers. They meticulously craft AI pipelines, ensuring efficient adaptation, rigorous training, and precise testing using meticulously selected data sets and employing synthetic data to achieve unparalleled accuracy.

Seamless Adaptation: Experience simplicity at its best with our user-friendly setup and visualization web application. We’ve incorporated standard configuration options that make adapting analytics apps to varying scene conditions a breeze, eliminating false alarms and facilitating the use of common applications across a wide range of scenarios.

IoT-Ready Integration: Operating like an IoT sensor, our solution seamlessly integrates with Video Management Systems and other customer-used systems. Harness the power of APIs and lightweight protocols like MQTT to streamline your operations.

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Efficiency and Scalability, Solidly Delivered

Efficient Performance

Powered by NVidia GPU
Up to 120 streams on RTX4000
Ideal for cloud or edge deployment

Scalable Architecture

Easily scales across multiple hardware
Adaptable hardware architecture
Perfect for extensive camera network

Robust & Secure

Leveraging Linux-Docker synergy
Robust, open-source Linux foundation
Docker for streamlined containerization and performance

Unlock Custom Analytics with Ease

At the heart of our system lies a commitment to effortless custom analytics implementation. We’ve prioritized this feature, enabling swift development of tailored analytics solutions as soon as your AI models are ready. With our advanced synthetic data capabilities finely tuned for machine learning in computer vision, your AI model creation is accelerated.

This streamlined implementation not only saves time but also enhances cost-efficiency. Our ready-made video stream management platform, designed to seamlessly support various analytics, minimizes the need for extensive software development, allowing to focus solely on optimizing your AI models.

GDPR, Privacy and Security

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