Comprehensive video analytics and management platform

What you can achive with our platform

Noctuai is a mixed hardware and software video analytics platform that is applicable in multiple business scenarios and an all-in-one advanced analytics solution for your company. With Noctuai, you can enhance the abilities of your video surveillance, automate the safety and security monitoring tasks, inspect the company’s operations, and support the QA procedures.

Modern AI has to be data-focused. We use advanced and innovative data synthesis to create robust and autonomous solutions that can adapt to your environment and needs.

Fire and smoke detection


Fall detection

Automated optical inspection

PPE inspection

Increase safety and security, react fast in case of danger.

Monitor business processes – make your company more efficient and knowledge-driven

From CCTV to Machine Vision – platform for managing and analysing all of your  video data.

Ethical AI – AI that supports humans, enhances their abilities and protects them.

Applicable in multiple sectors and industries

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Cloud VMS for autonomous video surveillance. Leverage the abilities of advanced video analytics. Prevent and react to dangerous events and accidents.



From defects detection to business processes monitoring. Automated optical inspection that can levarage the modern AI algorithms, improve your Quality Assurance procedures and make your production more efficient.



Obtain information that helps better understand customers’ behaviours and decisions. Achieve competitive advantage based on modern tools and best practices. Let your POS adapt dynamically to the current situation. Gain insights about how you can improve your customer experience.

Smart City

Smart City

Analytics solutions that support real-time decision making to improve urban safety and prevent incidents. Advance analytics system designed to enhance the current video surveillance systems and compliant with a private policy.

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