Data Synthesis

We create Synthetic Data

Multi-layered synthetic data

Balanced big data sets of visual data optimized for deep learning

Deep customization of video analytics with a digital twin of any environment

We create synthetic data that emulates an edge environment, allowing us to develop and tailor solutions for your needs.

Operating cameras in virtual space


A comprehensive view of a shared environment captured simultaneously from various angles and dedicated to multi-camera systems and AI Vision models with distributed situational awareness.

Moving camera

Simulation of a camera placed on a moving platform, like a drone or a car. Support for fixed and Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras.

Findings - Let the numbers speak

See examples of how synthetic data helped improve our solutions

Use synthetic data to create a dataset of optimal size

Our experiences
5-15% rise in standard classification metrics

Balance your dataset with synthetic data

Our experiences
4-8% rise in standard classification metrics

Complete your data set with any edge cases you are missing

Our experiences
up to 35% reduction of false alarms

Unlock the Potential of Video Data with Us!

Are you ready to harness the power of video data but facing gaps in your collection? Our expert team is poised to support you through every step. Backed by our unparalleled experience in leveraging data for our products, we've honed an efficient process that guarantees the outcomes you crave using synthetic data.

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