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VisionAI in Oil&Gas environment

ESG industry challenges

The environmental impact of methane emissions contributes significantly to global warming. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas 28 times more powerful than carbon dioxide (CO2) in warming our climate when it comes to 100-year timescale, and even more than 80 times on a 20-year timescale. The Oil and gas industry is naturally one of the mandatory sectors where solutions that effectively reduce global emissions must be deployed. Another fundamental aspect is employers’ safety because of the risks associated with the O&G workplace, especially for service teams.

CCTV systems, often already used for security purposes, supplemented by AI, can take over manual inspection processes and simultaneously monitor people’s safety to detect threats quickly. At a relatively low cost, it can significantly impact ESG policies.

Solutions for immediate impact

With our computer vision applications, you can monitor flares and receive immediate alerts in the event of black smoke or a flame outage (US EPA METHOD 22 complied).

In addition, monitoring the use of personal protective equipment and receiving real-time man-down alerts can be adequate support in managing the safety of service teams.

VisionAI implementation made easy

Our solutions are software applications that can be used on various hardware infrastructures to allow the use of your current IT/CCTV infrastructure or cloud. Integration via the IoT protocols requires minimal network bandwidth.

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