Custom Analytics

av custom analytics 800

Redefine analytics your way. Embrace bespoke solutions for unparalleled insights. Our platform offers cost-effective implementation, propelled by synthetic data to accelerate delivery.

Flare Inspection

av flare inspection 800

Building on Noctuai proprietary AI solutions using accurate oil field data allows us to easily monitor flaring in industrial installations.

Fall Detection

av fall 800

The app continuously monitors the people and assists you in your efforts to assure their safety by detecting when somebody falls in the monitored area.

PPE Inspection

av ppe 800

Make sure that people follow the OSH rules and increase the level of safety in your workplace. Adapt our solution to your needs and choose the type of equipment you want to monitor.

Fire Smoke Detection

av fire smoke 800

Let the AI assist you in faster reaction to emergencies – leverage the power of deep learning to detect early fire or smoke and make your area more secure.

Intruder Detection

Intruder Detection

The app detects people entering defined areas. You can define multiple areas, the app will count people in each of them.