Escalator safety a problem never solved

Escalators are in use all over the world starting back in the 19th century (first escalator patent was credited in 1859 by Nathan Ames ). An invention that is able to move a large number of people, used in places where elevators would be impractical, has become the norm in public transport facilities or shopping malls. According to Elevatori Magazine, escalators have been installed for over 125 years, and their number today is estimated at over 800,000.

From the beginning, safety has been a major concern in escalator design, and eliminating accidents seems impossible today. The statistics show different numbers of accidents that are happening on escalators. From several thousand reported in the USA by Consumer Product Safety Commission in National Electronic Injury Surveillance System to several hundred reported in the Netherlands alone, given by Liftinstituut referring to VeiligheidNL.

We believe that when great escalator safety campaigns like Liftinstituut’s

are not enough and accidents happen – AI can help!

Fall detection using only CCTV image

Our computer vision application is capable of continuously keeping an eye on the people and assisting in efforts to assure their safety by detecting when somebody falls in the monitored area.

It can assist security operators by automatic alerting of dangerous situations or it can be integrated with escalator emergency stop procedure.

It is based on artificial intelligence algorithms, which allows it to recognize dangerous situations in the most natural way for people, i.e. based on the image.

AI directly on the camera

Use an online open platform for simple download and use of the app with Bosch, Vivotek, Hanwha or BSTsecurity avaialble cameras and AIBox’es

AI on LAN or at your sever location

Use the Docker container version of the app on an IPC or NVidia GPU server by downloading our video analytics management application

AI on the cloud

Use the Kubernetes container version of an app on your cloud subscription by downloading our video analytics management application

Contact us with your video showing the case to see how it works in our testing environment

or ask for a trial lincense

Minimal investment for maximum available mitigation

An expense of several hundred dollars is a single percentage of the cost of an escalator that can provide invaluable additional protection for people using it.

Our solutions are software applications that can be used on various hardware infrastructure. This allows you to make the most of your current IT and CCTV infrastructure.

Integration via the standard MQTT messaging protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT) enables extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport deployment that requires minimal network bandwidth.

If you would like to use the application in a specific use case, but it needs to modified, please contact us.

We are open to develop customized projects when a specific approach is needed.

Why us:

10 years of experience, 6 years specializing in AI, listed on 5th and 6th FT1000 list

Own data synthesis environment – capable to enable and fasten the process of data preparation to create new analytics with Unreal 3D gaming engine

Fast deployment possibilities thanks to proprietary pre-build deep learning models, which we can adapt to your specific case

Edge and cloud implementation with custom integration possibilities

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